The Hidden Dangers Of Excessive Screen Time For Children: Physical And Mental Impacts Unveiled

The Hidden Dangers of Excessive Screen Time for Children: Physical and Mental Impacts Unveiled.

The Hidden Dangers Of Excessive Screen Time For Children: Discover the detrimental effects of excessive screen time on children’s physical health and mental well-being.

Learn how prolonged smartphone use impacts eyesight, physical activity, and mental health, and find solutions to mitigate these risks. The habit of being immersed in the phone all day can make children both physically and mentally ill.

Screen time means the time spent looking at smartphones or other similar gadgets for most of the day every day.

While some people are forced to watch screen time due to work, some people have become addicted to it. They are spending 4 to 5 hours a day looking at smartphones without any need.

Children are being harmed the most due to this. Many types of side effects are being seen in them, which are not only spoiling their childhood but also affecting their bonding with their parents.

Let us know about these problems.

The Hidden Dangers Of Excessive Screen Time For Children: Physical side effects of increased screen time.

Spending too much time on the phone, laptop, or watching TV has adverse effects on the eyes. Eyes become dry and vision becomes weak.

The younger the age at which it starts, the greater the risk of eye damage. Apart from this, smartphone addiction has also affected the physical activity of children.

Due to this, they are becoming victims of diabetes and obesity at an early age. If care is not taken to control them in time, then the problems may increase with increasing age.

Mental side effects.

Many mental problems are being seen in children due to being busy with mobile phones all the time. Problems like depression, anger, and anxiety are increasing in such children.

Due to this, the sleeping pattern is also deteriorating. Irritability and emotional instability are also included in its disadvantages. Such children also lag in forming social bonds.

Other dangers.

Apart from these, some side effects are not visible but affect the development of children.

Many researches show that children who spend more time on the phone are less intelligent than those children who do not spend time on the phone.

Apart from this, mood swings and becoming violent are also disadvantages.



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