Tamil Nadu Temple Seal: Uproar Over Worship In A Temple In Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Temple Seal: Uproar over worship in a temple in Tamil Nadu, the administration sealed.

Even after 75 years of independence, the caste system remains a serious matter.

Even today the upper caste people prevent the lower castes from entering the temples. A similar case has emerged in Tamil Nadu.

A dispute has come to the fore between upper castes and Dalits over entry into the Dharmaraja Draupadi Amman temple in Melpathi village of Viluppuram district in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Temple Seal: The temple was sealed.

After this controversy surfaced, Viluppuram District Revenue Commissioner Ravichandran ordered the sealing of the temple and the temple has been sealed.

A notice has also been posted on the gate after sealing the temple.

Ban on entry into the temple.

An official notice pasted at the gate of the temple read, “An unusual situation has prevailed in the village due to the problem of worship between two communities.”

This may lead to a state of public order. In view of this, it is necessary to conclude that Till then, both sections will not be allowed inside the temple.

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