State BJP President Ravindra Raina On Political Killings In Kashmir

State BJP President Ravindra Raina On Political Killings In Kashmir, Desperate terrorists disturbed by BJP’s growing base in Kashmir. State BJP President Ravindra Raina has said that due to the growing mass base of BJP in Kashmir, desperate terrorists are targeting our workers.

Party workers will never let their plans to make the situation worse. Terrorists will be killed. After the terrorist attack on party worker, Abdul Hameed Nazar in Budgam in Kashmir, BJP state president Ravindra Raina on Sunday said that the terrorists have been deterred from waving the tricolor in Kashmir.

People of Kashmir want peace. Such attacks are evidence of the frustration of terrorists. Ravindra Raina visited Nazar injured in a terrorist attack at the hospital in Srinagar on Sunday. During this, Raina assured the relatives of Nazar that the terrorists who carried out the attack would not be spared.

In the meantime, Raina said that now the tricolor is being hoisted in the houses of Kashmir. In order to stop them, Bharatiya Janata Party workers are under attack. At the instigation of Pakistan, terrorists have shed a lot of blood of innocent people in the last 30 years.

The people of Kashmir do not want any more bloodshed, they want a better future, so the tricolors are being hoisted in the houses. This change in the situation of Kashmir is not acceptable to the people.

Ravindra Raina said that at present, a large-scale operation of army and security forces is going on in Kashmir to eliminate terrorists. Permanent peace in Kashmir will be restored by killing these terrorists who attack innocent people soon.

At this time, militants trying to save their lives are firing on the unarmed people, trying to save their lives due to the high spirits of the security forces.

There have been 3 attacks of terrorists on BJP workers in the month of Kashmir. Prior to the attack on Nazar, BJP sarpanch Sajjad Ahmed Khande was killed by terrorists in Kulgam. Two days before this, BJP’s Panch Arif Ahmed was also shot and injured in Kulgam.

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