Sreesanth on Slapgate: “Cried and Asked” To Save Harbhajan

Sreesanth on Slapgate: “Cried and Asked” So that Harbhajan Singh doesn’t get punished. 2008 saw probably the best spinner, Harbhajan Singh experience a spate of debates. In the first place, it was the monkey door with Andrew Symonds, and afterward the hit entryway with S Sreesanth, his then India colleague.

It was the debut period of IPL and Mumbai Indians tasted rout because of Kings XI Punjab. Sreesanth attempted to focus on it, and Harbhajan responded firmly to it by slapping the previous.

Sreesanth as of late uncovered what he really told the off-spinner. “Punjab Bombay ko haraayenge, Punjab Bombay ko haraaynge,” The Kerala-conceived told Bhajji.

In another disclosure, Sreesanth has said that he asked and cried before BCCI-delegated Magistrate, Sudhindra Nanavati with the goal that they don’t rebuff Harbhajan.

“It was completely arranged and gratitude to Sachin paaji (Sachin Tendulkar), you all play in a similar group, I said totally fine, I’ll proceed to meet him. We met and ate on that night however the media took it to the following level,” Sreesanth told Cricketaddictor.

“What’s more, even before Nanavati sir, they have the video cutting additionally if not, where I’m actually crying and asking and instructing him not to boycott or do anything with Bhajji paa, we are going to play together.

I don’t need anything to be detracted from Bhajji paa in light of the fact that he is a match-champ, he has taken cap stunts for India. I’ve recently begun playing and I need to win matches with Bhajji paa on the grounds that I think about him as my senior sibling… there is a video…. I don’t know whether they will offer it to you or not… .you can ask Nanavati sir,” he said.

“In any case, I’m totally fine with Bhajji paa… .he’s changed a great deal, I’ve… .in open additionally he has said ‘Sree tu kahi bhi ho yaar, maaf karde’… .he was forever my senior sibling, perhaps by then of time it was extraordinary yet he will consistently be a legend,” closed Sreesanth.

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