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Smart Jacket Made In India, Which Will Rescue From Corona

Smart Jacket made in India, which will compete with Corona is the first smart Jacket. Corona infection in India is third in the world in cases of corona infection. Russia and now China is also making claims of bringing its vaccine (coronavirus vaccine by Russia and China) but due to lack of transparency, the country is not talking about buying vaccines from them.

In such a way, new ways of prevention of corona infection are being discovered. Now experts have made a special type of jacket in which anti-viral properties are being told. Also, it has all the features which are considered necessary in the rescue from Corona.

What are its merits

It is claimed that the jacket has all the characteristics of fighting Corona. Like its Finnish anti-virus means that the virus will not crack near it either. The reason for this is that it is made of semi-flex. This is a fabric that has both natural and synthetic materials. Together they give a leather-like look. The jacket is coated with a material named Viroban-N9 SC 100. This substance is both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. This means that it will not only be protected from viruses, but also from dangerous bacteria that can grow in rain or any weather

Beep’s sound when breaking social distancing

With all these qualities, another important thing that makes this jacket special is the sensor in it. Yes, the jacket has sensors for social distancing. That is, whenever the person wearing it does not follow the prescribed distance or another person comes near, then the jacket alerts. In this sense, the jacket has been of great use according to the wear on the public place. Many times, people go out and put things like note-coins in their pockets after purchase.

Currently, doing so due to corona can be dangerous. To avoid this, sanitation pockets are made in the jacket. Whatever is put in them becomes sanitized. Another important thing is that there is an in-built mask along with the jacket. That is, the wearer does not need to carry a mask separately.

Who prepared

A smart jacket with such merits is ready in Gujarat. Somesh Singh, a former professor at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, claims that the jacket he made is a perfect combination of craft and technique. They say that the jacket is made in four layers, in which the cotton fabric of Gujarat was made by mixing with the technique of block printing. Also, it has all those things which should keep the wearer from infection in public places.

It took two whole months to make the jacket. After this, the prototype could be prepared. Now it is waiting for ISO recognition. It is believed that after this, this jacket will be available online by September. Initially, it will be priced at Rs 4,999, which can also be reduced if demand increases. It can also be found in many sizes.

Professor Singh told in an interview to The Hindu how he got the idea to make this jacket. On exiting after the lockdown, he faced many such situations which increase the fear of infection. In such a situation, Professor Singh started reading about smart clothing.

Although such things are not available in India. Seeing this, he thought of designing a cloth like this. They clearly say that this jacket is not a cure for corona, but it is a good way to keep distance from people in public places and to sanitize everything from car keys to cards and coins before reaching home. Overall, it works on the lines of an immunity booster, which does not protect against corona but reduces the fear of infection.

What does the jacket look like

It looks like a normal jacket but has many features within it. Like the sensors are fitted on the shoulders and on the back. As soon as someone crosses a distance of 8 feet, they immediately sound a beep. There is a digital thermometer on the front side, which tells your body temperature from touch to finger.

Its pockets are quite large, about 6X10 inches. In these, things like cards, car keys, money can be sanitized through UV light in 30 seconds. It has metal buttons to turn on UV rays, which look like show-buttons. It will be taken care of like ordinary clothes. Like we have to dry-wash it every 14 days on wear. Its battery has to be removed before giving it for washing.

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