Signs Of Relief From The Third Wave Of Corona

Signs of relief from the third wave of Corona, decrease in R-value but the speed of infection is frightening in many states.

The cases of corona infection continue to increase. In the last 24 hours, 2,71,202 new cases have been reported. A day earlier, two lakh 68 thousand cases were found.

During this 314 people have also died. There has been a decrease in cases in Mumbai and Delhi, while the increase in infection in some states of the country is frightening.

It is also a matter of relief that between January 7 and 13, there has been a decline in the R-value and it has come down to 2.2. Let us know what is the current state of infection in the states…

Signs of relief from the third wave of Corona: Signs of the end of the third wave in Mumbai-Delhi.

Cases are getting less in Mumbai and Delhi for the last three days. This is indicating the passing of the peak of the third wave of the epidemic in these two metros.

On January 15, 10,661 cases were found in Mumbai and 20,718 in Delhi. A day before that, 11,317 cases were found in Mumbai and 24,383 in Delhi.

At the same time, on January 13, 28,867 cases were reported in Delhi and 13,702 in Mumbai.

Expectations are also increasing in new cases.

Along with the country, new cases coming up every day in the national capital Delhi and the country’s financial capital Mumbai are showing signs of relief.

For the last three days, the pace of increase of new cases across the country has slowed down. An increase of more than 50 thousand was seen in new cases in a day between 11 and 12 January.

On January 11, 1.94 lakh cases were found, which increased to 2.47 lakh on January 12. But, after that, the gap between new cases got narrower.

3.64 lakh cases were found on January 13, 2.68 lakh on January 14, and 2.71 lakh on January 15. That is, the difference between new cases in these three days has been around three to four thousand.

7,895 new cases in Mumbai, relief to international travelers.

On Sunday, 7,895 new cases of the corona were reported in Mumbai while 11 patients died. Mumbai has 60,371 active cases.

Seeing the decrease in the cases of infection in the metropolis, BMC has now exempted international travelers coming from Dubai including UAE in Mumbai to mandatory seven-day home quarantine and RT-PCR test on arrival.

41,327 cases in Maharashtra.

At the same time, 41,327 new cases of corona came in Maharashtra on Sunday while 29 patients died. Maharashtra has 2,65,346 active cases.

On Sunday, eight new cases of Omicron were reported in the state, taking the total number of cases to 1,738.

Situation improving in Delhi, 8,286 new cases.

In the national capital Delhi, the pace of corona infection is now being controlled. On Sunday, 18,286 new patients were found in Delhi, which is 2432 less than the cases on Saturday.

The infection rate has also come down to 27.87 percent. Earlier the infection rate was 30.64 percent, then 20 thousand 718 new cases of the corona were reported.

However, 28 people died due to infection in the last 24 hours.

Bengal 14,938 and Assam 2,709 new cases.

On Sunday, 14,938 new cases of the corona were reported in West Bengal while 36 patients died. Active cases in the state have increased to 1,60,305 while the positivity rate is 27.73 percent.

At the same time, 2,709 new cases of the corona were reported in Assam in the last 24 hours, while five people died due to infection during this period.

17,185 new cases in UP.

On Sunday, 17,185 new cases of the corona were reported in Uttar Pradesh, taking the number of active cases to 1,034,74 while the death toll from the pandemic rose to 22,963 with 10 more deaths.

The maximum number of 2,392 new cases were reported in Lucknow, followed by Ghaziabad with 2,099, Gautam Budh Nagar with 1,498, Meerut with 1206.

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