Shiromani Akali Dal Breaks Away From BJP Led NDA

Shiromani Akali Dal breaks away from BJP led NDA. Separation from SAD is a challenge before the BJP as well as an opportunity to spread its foot in Punjab. In view of the Shiromani Akali Dal breaking ties with the Bharatiya Janata Party over the agricultural bills, now in Punjab, there is a big challenge before the BJP to save its assets.

With this, till now the BJP, which was contesting only 23 seats out of 117 seats in Punjab, has now got an opportunity to expand its presence in the entire state. It will depend on the party leaders how much they can increase the base of BJP by separating from the Akali Dal.

The state general secretary said, now there will be an opportunity to establish roots even in those areas which have not gone before. It is not that the party never wanted to break away from the Akali Dal, the state unit of BJP tried this many times.

But every time, under the pressure of the party high command, it had to be reduced to only 23 seats. Now the BJP has a big opportunity to expand its base in all 117 seats of the state.

Now there will be an exercise to move beyond 23 seats, the first challenge will be the local body elections to be held in November

For some time, there has been a buzz within the BJP that either it should be fought separately or the seats quota should be increased. The BJP has an urban base, but has started trying to gain a foothold in the countryside as well. But now, in the rural-dominated countryside, the path may become more difficult for him.

To remove the doubts of the farmers about the agricultural bills, the BJP planned to go to the villages and do public relations, then many farmer organizations have announced that the BJP will not allow the BJP to enter the villages.

The middle class of cities, which is also the party’s core vote bank, is very angry at this time. It is not only about the adhatis, but the business circles associated with them, shailer industries, kariana traders are also turning against the BJP.

The BJP started preparing for the local body elections to be held in November or December. Now in this election, the BJP will have to enter the field alone and this will be the first criterion for it.

BJP state general secretary Dr. Subhash Sharma said, when the agricultural ordinances were issued, the Shiromani Akali Dal was fully supporting. We hoped that the party would cooperate with the central government in explaining these bills to the farming class.

But the Akali Dal now had no option but to leave the NDA. Local body elections are due in Punjab two months later. He said that the way the Akali leaders are opposing the farming bills, it was not possible to see that now both of us can walk together. We now have the opportunity to go to areas where we have never been.

It will not be easy to establish roots in new places, but now it will depend on our hard work that how soon we gather our roots in these places. Many leaders from Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, and even Akali Dal want to join BJP. We have started preparations for local body elections.

Sharma said that we are assessing whether this protest is actually happening due to bills or is being deliberately done to weaken us. I hope that when the purchase of paddy starts on Sunday and the next month the farmers will be busy harvesting paddy, selling it and sowing wheat, their anger will cool down.

If the crop is bought in a good way, then the farmers will also understand that what we are saying about the bills is right and we will be able to cool their anger by the time elections come.

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