Russia Plans To Bring The World’s First Corona Vaccine

Russia plans to bring the world’s first corona vaccine, maybe a big announcement on August 10!
People all over the world are waiting for the Corona vaccine. Meanwhile, everyone’s eyes are on the arrival of the world’s first corona vaccine. Russia has made plans to bring the world’s first corona vaccine. Russia is preparing for this.

Media has reported that many countries of the world are currently fighting a war against Corona, meanwhile, Russia is engaged in efforts to get the world’s first corona vaccine approved by August 10. Russia has prepared a special strategy for this.

Referring to the 1957 launch of the world’s first satellite by the Soviet Union, Kirill Dmitriev (head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund) said that this is a special moment. Significantly, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund (Sovereign Wealth Fund) ), Corona is funding the vaccine.

He said that Americans were surprised when they heard about Sputnik’s beeping. Same is the case with the Corona vaccine. Russia will arrive here first.

Media reported that Russia plans to approve the vaccine by August 10, created by the Moscow-based Gamaleya Institute. Russia has reportedly stated that once the vaccine is approved for public use, it will first be given to frontline healthcare workers.

According to reports, Russia’s Corona vaccine is yet to complete its second phase, while the trials of some other vaccines being researched worldwide are in the third phase.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has reportedly stated that soldiers have voluntarily participated in human trials. Project director Alexander Ginsberg was quoted as saying that he had already injected himself with the vaccine.

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