Research On Coronavirus Was Going On In China Since 2015

Research on coronavirus was going on in China since 2015, genetic changes were seen and its effect on humans.

The needle of suspicion about the origin of the coronavirus and its infection, which is threatening the human population, is still pointing to the Chinese conspiracy.

It has been learned that experiments have been going on in China since 2015 about the effect of this virus on human cells.

These experiments were being conducted at the Virology Institute in Wuhan and included the famous female scientist Xi Zheng-Li, known as Bat Lady.

Xi was also working with Coronavirus researcher Ralph S. Barrick, head of the University of North Carolina, USA.

Coronavirus out of China’s Wuhan lab.

Of all the fears that have been raised so far about the coronavirus infection, the strongest one is to come out of Wuhan’s lab. It is believed that Nicholas Wade, the leading author of the affairs of science.

In the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Wade wrote that the probability of the coronavirus coming out of Wuhan’s lab is the highest. Because it is the only lab in China where research on coronavirus was going on.

Here, the coronavirus found in bats was replaced by genetic engineering, and its effect was seen on human cells.

These experiments were carried out by bringing bats of hundreds of species living in the caves of Yunnan in South China and removing the virus within them. It is not surprising if any of these viruses have come out in some way.

Wade wrote that there is no doubt that in Wuhan’s lab, the coronavirus was genetically altered and its human cell was being attacked and the effect of this attack was being seen.

The way the coronavirus has been behaving for the past year and a half, it seems clear that it is a more effective coronavirus prepared in the lab, rather than in its original form, which is changing its appearance over time and showing its side effects.

The manner in which China delayed the World Health Organization’s investigation and created hurdles for the investigation team to go to the Wuhan lab further deepens suspicion.

According to Wade, the anterior viruses of the Corona family waned a few months after they became active, or they often died, but this new virus is becoming stronger over time. It is clear that it is not a natural virus.

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