Protests In Israel Against Netanyahu Government

Protests in Israel Against Netanyahu Government. People on the street, protest in front of the PM’s residence against the Netanyahu government. Protests in Israel, People are not feeling angry against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Saturday, protesters took part in anti-government protests outside Netanyahu’s official residence.

Demonstrations against the Israeli government are taking place at a time when the guidelines for dealing with the Corona epidemic have been tightened further. Let me tell you that a big rally has been organized against the Netanyahu government in August.

This was the largest rally held in the capital since the beginning of anti-government protests. According to reports, some 10,000 people participated in the protests at the Prime Minister’s residence.

Demonstration took place outside Netanyahu’s residence

People demonstrated outside Netanyahu’s private home in the coastal city of Caesarea. Angry people staged protests on the city’s major highways. The protesters blocked the bridges and junctions connecting the other cities. Due to this, the traffic came to a complete halt. Many demonstrators involved in the demonstration, however, ignored the physical distance law.

The protesters were asked to live in small groups. They demand that Netanyahu resign from his post, as he is facing trial for corruption charges. During this time, the protesters wrote in big letters on a building that your time was over. During this period, many protesters waved Israeli flags and asked Netanyahu to resign.

27 percent of Israelis trust Netanyahu

According to a poll published by the Israel Democracy Institute on Wednesday, only 27 percent of Israelis trusted Netanyahu to deal with the Corona virus crisis. The Israeli government imposed a first lockdown in March to limit the spread of Corona, and then it was relaxed in May, as new cases of Corona stopped. Recently, there has been a rise in Corona virus infection again in Israel.

The number of new cases has increased. In a population of 90 lakh, 7 thousand new cases have been reported. The country’s economic situation has worsened due to the Corona epidemic. Recession and unemployment rate have increased in the country.

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