Congress Workers Accused Of Assaulting Journalists

Congress workers accused of assaulting journalists, police made a spectacle: Chattisgarh. In Chattisgarh, some journalists have faced a case of assault, on this matter Congress workers accused of the attack.

Talking about the incident in Kanker district, a journalist has alleged that the Congress MLA’s goon thrashed him and his partner as he was staging his involvement in illegal sand mining. For this, he was also threatened several times by Congress workers. The journalist alleged that he did nothing even after the police came to know of the threat.

According to media reports, the locals were beating the journalist Kamal Shukla. It is being told that the journalists were opposing the fight with some other journalists. During this time people started fighting with him. Not only this, he also used abusive language with the journalist. The journalist has suffered some injuries.

Significantly, in the year 2018, a sedition case was registered against Kamal Shukla for a controversial cartoon. Along with many newspapers and magazines, he has done a story about Maoist attacks on journalists in Bastar. Not only this, there have been campaigns against Maoists in many areas of the forest. He has also led several movements to enact laws to protect journalists.

There is a shortage of oxygen-rich beds for corona patients in Chhattisgarh. In view of this, the state government has decided to increase the number of beds with oxygen facility to about nine thousand for the patients of Covid-19.

With this, preparations are being made to deliver oxygen to 5,313 new beds in COVID hospitals and Kovid care centers. Out of these, oxygen will be transported through pipelines on 2,536 beds and oxygen cylinders on 2,777 beds. COVID hospitals and Kovid care centers set up in various districts currently have 2,686 oxygen-rich beds.

Out of these, 1,299 beds have pipeline supply and 1,387 beds have cylinders for oxygen supply. Oxygen supply is in full swing through pipelines to 2,536 new beds in COVID hospitals and Kovid care centers. The facility is being developed on 2,028 beds in COVID care centers and 508 beds in Covid hospitals.

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