Police Capture Imran Khan’s House, Car Accident While Going To Court, May Be Arrested

Police capture Imran Khan’s house, a car accident while going to court, and may be arrested.

In the absence of Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan, the Lahore police today took possession of his Zaman Park house. Imran Khan was produced in the Islamabad High Court today.

Today he was in Islamabad, that’s why the police reached his house in Lahore. In front of this house, fierce clashes took place between the police and the supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Party (PTI).

Imran Khan said in a tweet ‘Punjab Police has attacked my house in Zaman Park, where Bushra Begum is alone.

Under which law are they doing this? It is part of the London plan. Where a commitment was made to bring fugitive Nawaz Sharif to power in lieu of agreeing to an appointment.

Imran Khan reached Islamabad. The hearing will be held at the Islamabad Judicial Complex instead of the court.

Maryam Nawaz tweeted- Now it is known that ever since this terrorist Imran was forcibly dragged into politics, why is the country falling victim to treason and anarchy?

Those who brought him into politics also met a bad end.

Maryam Nawaz has tweeted about getting many types of weapons from Imran Khan’s house.

Imran Khan said in his tweet ‘It is now clear that despite getting bail in all my cases, the PDM government wants to arrest me.

Despite understanding their malicious intentions, I am going to Islamabad and the courtroom docket due to the fact I trust in the guideline of thumb of the law.

But the intention of this gang of miscreants should be clear in front of everyone.

Khan said that it is also now clear that the entire siege of Lahore was not to ensure that I appear before the court in a case, but was aimed at taking me to jail so that I could not lead our election campaign.


Police capture Imran Khan’s house: Imran Khan said in his tweet that ‘the fascist imported government and their masters have continued to target our workers.

Today they’ve arbitrarily arrested extra than 70 of our employees in Islamabad. This is condemnable and absolutely unacceptable. He should be released immediately.

On the other hand, according to a media report in Pakistan, a vehicle in the convoy of former Pakistan PM Imran going to Islamabad in connection with the Toshakhana case hearing met with an accident.

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