PM Modi’s Magic In US Polls, Politics Focused On Indian People

PM Modi’s magic in US elections, politics focused on Indian people. During the US presidential election on Friday, the entire politics was centered on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indians. Turning to racial violence, it fell on the people of India. The PM Modi’s magic in US elections, once again dominated American politics.

Prime Minister Modi stayed at the center during the media briefing of US President Donald Trump. While praising Modi’s personality, Trump went to the White House to say that we have got a lot of support from India. We have great support from Prime Minister Modi.

I think Indian (American) people will vote for Trump. On the other hand, while attacking US President Donald Trump, Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Friday that Trump had no other sense of service other than himself.

The electoral equation has changed with the friendship between Trump and Modi

A recent research in the US has revealed that Indian Americans who traditionally vote for Democrats have been inclined towards the Republican Party. Research says that Indian Americans are now turning out in significant numbers for the Republican Party. The most reason behind this is the friendship between Modi and Trump.

The friendship of the two leaders is a major influence in a large section of the Indian community. Friends of Trump and Modi are very popular among Indians. Let us know that the number of Indians in America is close to 4 million. Out of this, 20.5 lakh people are eligible to vote.

Democratic card of Kamala Harris

Indians dominate the American politics. It is also seen in American politics. In the presidential election, the Democratic Party has tried to woo the vote of Indians by bringing forward the name of Kamala Harris for the post of Vice-President. Kamala Harris is an American of Indian origin.

The Democratic Party has tried to woo voters of 205 lakh Indian origin by electing Kamala Harris. The recent report, which shows the inclination of Indians to Republicans, could certainly be a cause for concern for the Democratic. However, Democrats claimed that Bharatvansi was their traditional vote bank. He will remain with them.

Trump took support of the friendship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Meanwhile, people associated with President Trump’s election campaign believe that Indians can play an important role in this. Especially Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio where two rival campaigns would be battling for every vote. Trump has taken the support of Modi’s friend for Indian votes.

President Trump said to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, citing his friendship that “Indian Americans will vote for him in the November 3 presidential election”. He said that we have got a lot of support from India. We have great support from Prime Minister Modi. I think Indian (American) people will vote for Trump. ‘ Trump’s son and daughter can also be a part of this campaign to woo the Indians. Donald J. Trump Jr. and Ivanka are very popular among Indians

Biden made death an issue due to corona epidemic in elections

On the other hand, Democratic candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden has surrounded President Trump on the Corona epidemic. He has directly blamed President Trump for spreading the Coronavirus in America. The former Vice President said that President Trump’s policies are fully responsible for this.

Biden said that due to Trump’s poor policies, being a working American in the country has become a matter of life and death. Biden said that no American is safe under Trump’s rule. Biden insisted that the deaths caused by the coronavirus in America did not occur even during the Second World War. Biden said that during the tenure of US President Trump, black, Latin, Asian American, and Native American working-class people as well as white working-class people were affected.

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