People Angry Over The Gang Rape Of Deaf And Dumb Minor

People angry over the gang rape of a deaf and dumb minor in Alwar, questions are being raised on the top leadership of Congress.

People’s anger has flared up after the gang-rape of a 14-year-old deaf and mute minor in Alwar on Tuesday night.

While the BJP is protesting by taking to the road regarding this, the common people are expressing their displeasure on the internet media.

Remembering the Nirbhaya case of Delhi, they are giving advice to the Congress government of Rajasthan. They are also targeting the top leadership of Congress.

Kidnapped and executed the crime.

Since the victim is deaf and deaf, the police are preparing to go to the hospital with experts to interrogate her. Significantly, the victim was abducted by some people.

After the gang rape, she was thrown on the Tijara gate culvert in Alwar.

Throwing the minor from the car, some people saw the accused and informed the police. In view of his critical condition, she was referred to Jaipur.

People angry over the gang rape: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s gherao.

Last Wednesday, she was operated on for about two and a half hours. She had suffered severe injuries to her genitals.

After this incident, the main opposition party BJP became aggressive in the state. BJP tried to gherao Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who had come on her stay in the state.

During this, many BJP leaders were also detained by the police, but the BJP workers continued their protest.

People are expressing their displeasure on social media.

Now common people are also expressing their displeasure in this matter. People are giving different reactions on the internet media.

A person surrounded a minister in the Ashok Gehlot government of Rajasthan and wrote on Twitter – After all, why does Congress defame Hindus on everything.

What is the Congress minister saying in Rajasthan that there is no tilak on the poor man to show that he is a predator?

But, had it been the cap instead of Tilak, the procession would have gone out against it by now.

Compare the case with the Nirbhaya case.

One person took a dig at Priyanka Gandhi and wrote that Ignore your problems in the same way as Priyanka Gandhi does about criminal cases in Rajasthan.

Some users compared this case with Delhi’s Nirbhaya case.

The expert tried to talk to the victim.

On the other hand, according to the news agency, Rajasthan Police says that in the CCTV footage collected from various places, the victim can be seen walking in several areas of the city and on the bridge.

But none of the cameras showed her in distressed condition on the culvert.

Police said it is preparing a questionnaire for experts to collect information related to the case from the victim. Meanwhile, a child psychologist and specialist tried to talk to the victim.

Remembering parents.

The victim’s private part was badly damaged. In such a situation, his operation has been done, but there is not much improvement in the condition yet.

Sources reveal that the speech-impaired victim is remembering her parents time and again. She has informed the experts about the incident with her in gestures.

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