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Path Of Reconciliation Can Come Out Between Farmers And Govt

Path of reconciliation can come out between Farmers and Govt. In the next meeting, the path of reconciliation can come out, after the government, now farmers can also show softness.

Avenues of reconciliation between agitating peasant organizations and the government have opened up.

The possibilities of resolving the problem have increased in the next round of meeting in the new year on January 4.

Farmers’ organizations, while showing foresight, have accepted the constitutional process, leaving their stubbornness.

During the talks held on Wednesday, an in-principle agreement has been reached between the two sides on all issues.

It is believed that in the next meeting, the farmers’ organizations will leave the demand for the repeal of the law and focus on the guarantee of MSP.

Farmer leaders have adopted a stubborn stance on repealing new agricultural laws.

Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar and Railway and Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal also mentioned in detail the constitutional process of making or amending the law in front of farmer leaders in the meeting.

Tomar said that it has taken more than two and a half decades to enact these laws.

It has taken the help of recommendations of experts, legalists, political parties, Planning Commission and many other NGOs.

Emphasis on adoption of constitutional and democratic process in case of agricultural law

According to sources, in the next talks with the government, the attitude of farmer organizations may be flexible to demand the repeal of the agricultural laws.

In several meetings of the United Kisan Morcha, many farmer leaders have agreed to adopt the constitutional process.

This is the reason that in the last meeting, the farmer leaders listened seriously to the words of Agriculture Minister Tomar.

In the next meeting, it is agreed to discuss it in detail and arrive at a conclusion.

Highly placed sources say that the government’s intention is clear for resolving the farmers’ doubts.

The government will not insist on anything but will insist on adopting the constitutional and democratic process in terms of agricultural law.

Government agrees to give written guarantee on MSP

The issue of guaranteeing minimum support price (MSP) was suddenly added to the peasant movement that started with the repeal of agricultural laws.

Sources say that in the opinion of farmer organizations, if the government is ready to give any credible trust on this issue, then the matter will be done.

On the other hand, the government is almost ready for this. The farmers of Punjab and Haryana get the right to sell the largest part of their produce on the MSP anyway.

The government has agreed to give a written guarantee that the ongoing purchase of the MSP will not be disrupted.

Bhavantar scheme can be implemented across the country

Farmers should not get less than the MSP for their produce. For this, the Madhya Pradesh government has started the Bhavantar Yojana.

Under this, full details of the purchases made in the mandis are kept. Based on this, the difference of sale in the open market at low prices is available to the farmers.

This scheme can be implemented strictly across the country, so that farmers are not harmed.

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