Pakistani Army’s worst Statement To Counter India

Pakistani army’s worst words – India brought 5 Rafale or 500, we are ready. The Pakistani Army has been in a tizzy ever since the Indian Air Force got the strength of Rafale Fighter Jet.

On Thursday, the Pakistani army went a step ahead and said that whether India should bring 5 Rafale or 500 it is not going to make any difference to us, we are fully prepared.

Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar has said that we are not afraid of India at all by bringing Rafale or S-400, we are ready to respond with full aggression.

According to a report published in Dawn, this statement of Pakistan is being considered as a response to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh’s tweet. After coming to Rafael, Rajnath Singh had tweeted that this should raise his concern for those who want to challenge the integrity and sovereignty of India.

In a press conference held a day before Pakistan’s Independence Day (14 August), Major General Iftikhar spoke on several important issues including Rafael, India’s growing defense budget, Kashmir, ceasefire violations and Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations.

Iftikhar said, ‘Pakistan is worried about India’s increasing military expenditure and defense budget but is ready for any kind of aggression. Despite that India has recently taken Rafael Fighter jets from France.

On the question related to the threat posed to Pakistan by Rafale, frightened by the strengthening army of India, Major General Iftikhar said, ‘India is spending the most on the army in the world. He is involved in the arms race.

The way Rafael’s journey was covered from France to India shows the level of his insecurity. Despite this, whether they buy 5 Rafale or 500 we do not worry. We are absolutely ready and we have no doubt about our capabilities. Its arrival is not going to make any difference. ‘

Iftikhar said, ‘Our defense spending and budget is affecting the traditional balance of the sector compared to ours. The international community should also pay attention to this.

Many people in Pakistan say that the defense budget of Pakistan is very high. At this time, we are spending 17 percent of the budget on the Army, Navy and Air Force.

And in the last 10 years, Pakistan’s defense spending has been steadily decreasing. However, despite this our capabilities have not diminished. So whether they bring Rafale or S-400, our preparation is complete.

Then Kashmir raga struck

Iftikhar targeted India for Kashmir at the beginning of the press conference, through the congratulations of independence. He said, ‘India wants to remove the Muslims living thereby changing the demography of the region in a planned way.

There is no such harassment that the Kashmiris have not faced. The youth are getting martyred and they are being buried in the name of terrorism. Indian forces target Kashmiris with pellet guns.

During this time the local leadership has been kept in custody for a year. Pakistan has left no stone unturned to raise the issue of Kashmiris in front of the whole world.

The fire of hatred that India has started has spread throughout the country. His move to show the internal failures as external has brought him to such a point that this lava can take the whole area in his lap.

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