Opposition Alliance Parties Open Front Against Imran Khan

Opposition alliance parties open front against Imran government in Pakistan, meeting of opposition parties will be held on this day.

Pakistan opposition parties have started intensifying their efforts against the Imran Khan government, including considering the no-confidence motion.

According to Media, PDM chief, Maulana Fazlur Rehman said on Wednesday that a meeting of the senior leadership of the anti-government opposition coalition would be held on January 25.

In this, the option of a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan will be considered.

Consider sacking the government immediately.

Addressing a press conference along with Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif, Fazal said the anti-government coalition was looking at options to immediately sack the current government.

Fazal said that we appeal to the coalition parties of the government to think about the national interest of Pakistan and the common man.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief said that it has become imperative to launch a long protest against the government.

He said the PDM would start a march towards the capital on March 23 to oust the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led government.

The government does not care about the common man.

Fazal further said that the plan for holding a long march against the government would be finalized during the all-party session to be held on January 25.

He said that the government does not realize the grievances of the common man. He said that we do not give the right to Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government to re-colonize an independent state.

The PDM chief also informed about the upcoming second phase of local government elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Opposition alliance parties open front: Most incompetent party PTI.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Shahbaz Sharif also while talking to the media said that the PTI government is the most incompetent party to come to power in the country’s 74-year history.

He said that the country is passing through the most difficult times.

The PML-N president said the no-confidence motion against the prime minister was discussed during his meeting with Fazal and the option would be discussed in the meeting later this month.

He said the government was prioritizing the interests and agenda of international institutions over the interests of Pakistani citizens.

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