News Website Eureporter Questions Lancet’s Article Aganist India

News website Eureporter Questions Lancet’s Article Aganist India.

Lancet’s report on the condition of Corona in India. The move of big pharmaceutical companies, questions raised on the intention.

The latest report by the medical journal Lancet,questioning the Modi government over the management of the corona epidemic in India, is a move by large pharmaceutical companies to undermine the capacity of the developing country.

According to a report by Eureporter, big pharmaceutical companies have a strong lobby that never wants a developing country to challenge their monopoly by providing vaccines to the world at a low cost.

News website Eureporter based in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has said that at a time when India needs help, sympathy, and partnership.

The globally reputable magazine should avoid political articles and business ideas, which in any time of such crisis are going to weaken the morale of the country.

The website has said that such reports and articles are constantly coming to the international media, questioning India’s vaccination campaign and its capacity for mass vaccine production.

In this way, efforts are being made to underperform Indian vaccines so that they can be economically created by creating a shortage of vaccines in the market.

Lancet’s report: The Euriporter has said that a similar attempt has been made in this Lancet article.

The author of the article has used a reputed platform to advance the agenda of the world’s largest vaccine-producing companies and has given their arbitrary figures.

Significantly, Lascent in its article questioned the management of the Government of India in dealing with the second wave of the Corona epidemic.

Lascent also said that due to the failure of the government, India has faced this terrible crisis. Lancet had criticized the Modi government in this article, which also made headlines everywhere.

These three reasons can cause the third wave of corona in India, know how it can be prevented.

Cases of rising corona infection in India continue to be a problem for the country and the world. This is the reason that at this time the attention of the entire world is towards India.

In the second wave, more than 4 lakh cases have been reported in India on a single day. More than 97 thousand cases were reported in the country on 16 September 2020 during the first wave.

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