Murder Convict Fired At The Police Officer In Belgaum

Murder convict fired at the police officer in Belgaum: Shoot Out.

This is the 4th firing in Belgaum. Previously notorious underworld gangsters Raju Kanabarakar and Praveen Shindra had been countered.

Then in 2015, the burglars were fired. ACP Narayana Baramani is monitoring the three cases.

A prominent accused in the Murder Case has been hiding from the police for the past three months. The Belagavi City Police Commissioner had formed three separate teams for the detection.

Following the clue of the accused late last night, the police tried to arrest him.

Now the accused have attacked the police personnel with a knife and then fired at the crime branch ACP Narayana Baramani.

The accused sustained injuries to his left leg and was later hospitalized. Khadak has warned many involved in rowdy activities in Belgaum.

Firing on the accused.

Police fired on Rowdisheater Vishal Singh Chauhan, who is currently receiving treatment at Bims Hospital. More than 8 cases were registered against Vishal and he was wanted by the police.

On March 15, Raju Valiyobommanavar was murdered by a real estate tycoon on Mandoli Road, Belgaum.

The second wife and her partner in the business have been arrested and sent to jail.

However, the main accused in the case, Sufari, Vishal Singh Chauhan, has not been in the hands of the police for the past three months.

The accused was operating in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. When the money was exhausted, he returned to Belgaum.

Attack on sure information.

Police were informed that the accused was heading towards the national highway from Veerabhadra city at around 3.30 am today.

The team led by Crime Branch ACP Narayana Baramani is chasing the accused Vishal Chauhan. The accused was a bike skid in the middle of the road and he fell down.

At this time, a policeman came forward to arrest him. During this time, the accused Vishal Singh stabbed the police personnel with a knife.

Then ACP Narayana Baramani pierced a round of air. Afterward, Vishal is piling on.

The accused’s left leg was injured and he was admitted to Belgaum Hospital. Two knives and a napkin were found near the accused.

Murder convict fired at the police office: Injury to a paw in the incident.

A case has been registered at the Market Police Station in Belgaum regarding firing, and the place was conducted by the Market ACP.

In the incident, a police patron was admitted to Bims Hospital and is being treated. City Police Commissioner Boralingaiah has responded to the incident.

The accused was involved in the murder of Vishal Singh Chauhan, conspiracy, murder, attempted murder, and dacoity. The firing took place this morning. “We are collecting more information on this.”


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