Layoffs 2022: ‘Doomsday’ For Facebook-Instagram Employees, Layoffs Start Today

Layoffs 2022: ‘Doomsday’ for Facebook-Instagram employees, layoffs start today.

Facebook’s parent company Meta is starting ‘doomsday’ for employees from today. It is reported that from today, Wednesday, Meta Platform Inc. is going to start mass layoffs.

People familiar with this matter say that this is happening as part of the company’s disappointing results and cost-cutting plan.

According to the information received, the employees who will be affected by the layoffs will be started on Wednesday morning.

People with knowledge of the matter said on condition of anonymity that Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday asked officials to be ready for layoffs.

The Wall Street Journal reported that on a call with executives, Zuckerberg said they were held accountable for the company’s “missteps.” A Meta spokesperson did not immediately respond to this.

Signs of layoffs were given in September.

Zuckerberg warned employees in late September that Meta intended to cut costs and restructure teams.

Meta, a company with a portfolio of apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, said then that new hiring was being stopped and that in 2023 the company would be smaller than it is now (2022).

Layoffs 2022: Meta will not be trimmed like Twitter.

The layoffs by Meta are starting today, while 50 percent of employees at Twitter Inc. have been sent home so far. Twitter’s layoffs were abrupt, whereas Meta would not.

According to people working on Twitter, they were not given any information about it earlier. Suddenly their email and Slack (messaging app) rights were taken away.

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