Kuldeep Handu Shortlisted For The Prestigious Dronacharya Award

Kuldeep Handu shortlisted for the prestigious Dronacharya Award, with double the zeal to add more to India’s Wushu team: Jammu Kashmir. Kuldeep Handu’s dream seen for the prestigious Dronacharya Award many years ago has come true. Kuldeep Handu and his family, who are feeling proud of being selected for this award, are not happy. There is an influx of those wishing at home. Kuldeep Handu says that now he will give 100 percent more strength in the game of India’s Wushu team with double the vigor than before.

Kuldeep Handu, Inspector Jammu and Kashmir Police and Wushu National Chief Coach have been associated with sports for almost two and a half decades. Handu says that I award this award to the country and parents. Today, my happiness has no place. Although I have received many awards, this award was my dream which I saw with open eyes.

Handu’s family from the Kashmiri Pandit community suffered a lot after the displacement, but none lost courage. They went ahead after crossing the struggle. He said that earlier his name had been recommended for the Dronacharya Award for three years, but it was postponed every time. Staid on faith. This time he had high hopes.

Sharing the experience, Handu said that in 1991, I started with playing Taekwondo. Parents were not very aware of sports at that time, but the parents gave me full support. He reached this stage today due to hard work and hard penance. He became the first player to win a medal at the national level for the state by performing well at the state and national levels. Since his coach late Vishal Sharma trained Taekwondo and Wushu games in those days.

Wushu was the new game. For some time, he moved towards boxing. He also won a medal at the national level in boxing and then returned to the martial arts game. Vishal Sharma encouraged me in Wushu by watching my game. At first, I saw this game completely like boxing and taekwondo because punch and kick are used in it.

My interest was awakened and in a year I became a state champion and then a national. Handu said that under his leadership as a national chief coach in three years, the Indian team has won 20 gold, 47 silver and more than 70 bronze medals in 16 international competitions. He is looking for talent for Wushu across the country.

Wushu’s record of national champion for 11 years is only in Handu’s name. He also learned gymnastics to bring flexibility in the body. It got a lot of benefits. I was a national champion for 11 years. This record is his name till date. Due to the length and flexibility of the body, I got an advantage in sports. Won medals in other sports including Asian, Saif seven times in international competitions. Since 2010, I was made the first coach of the Indian Wushu team and since then till date the performance and medal table of the Indian team has been increasing.

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