Karnataka Politics: Bad Words Of Congress Leader BK Hariprasad, Abusing The MLA

Karnataka Politics: Bad words of Congress leader BK Hariprasad, abusing the MLA; BJP retaliated.

Leader of Opposition in Karnataka Legislative Council BK Hariprasad has given an objectionable statement regarding the leader leaving the Congress.

Addressing a gathering in Hospet, Karnataka, BK Hariprasad said that when you did not give a clear mandate, we formed a coalition government.

We call a woman who sells her body for a livelihood by different names, we call her a prostitute. I depart it to you via way of means of what calls you may name such offered MLAs.

BK Hariprasad lashed out at the local MLA.

Leader of the Opposition BK Hariprasad similarly stated that during the imminent elections, the nearby MLA will learn a lesson, who has bought the whole thing together with his self-respect.

Let us inform you that Anand Singh, who was elected MLA from Vijayanagar (Hospet) constituency, left the Congress in the year 2019 and changed the party, and joined BJP.

Used objectionable words for Anand Singh.

Opposition leader B.K. Hariprasad attacked the local Anand Singh in Hospet, Karnataka, without naming him.

He used derogatory words about Anand Singh and compared him to a prostitute. He said it’s up to you to decide what to call such a cheap MLA.

Karnataka Politics: BJP Surrounds Congress Leaders with Statements.

At the same time, the official representative of the BJP, S. Prakash, reacted to the Congress leader’s statement.

He said leaders of the Karnataka State Congress used abusive language to their political opponents. B. K. Hariprasad and Siddaramayya use such language.

Even during the Gujarat elections, B.K. Hariprasad used derogatory language toward the prime minister’s parents.

BK Hariprasad apologized.

At the identical time, BK Hariprasad, Leader of the Opposition withinside the Karnataka Legislative Council, has clarified his statement.

He stated that the workers of the BJP have distorted my statement.

They are unnecessarily developing controversy over a lady who sells her frame for livelihood. I have a variety of appreciation for him. I apologize if he has been hurt.

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