Israeli Soldiers Continue To Fall: 225 Lives Lost In Ongoing Conflict With Hamas

Israeli Soldiers Continue to Fall: 225 Lives Lost in Ongoing Conflict with Hamas.

Israeli Soldiers Continue to Fall: The Israeli military confronts escalating casualties as 225 soldiers lose their lives battling Hamas.

Get the latest updates on the conflict and retaliation efforts against Hezbollah.

Military conflict with Hamas is not stopping, 225 Israeli soldiers lost their lives. The number of Israeli soldiers killed in the ongoing military conflict with Hamas has increased to 225.

Israeli Sergeant Shimon Yehoshua Asulin, 24, died fighting in southern Gaza, The Times of Israel reported on Sunday, citing the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Asulin, a resident of Beit Shemesh, of the 924th Engineering Battalion of the Harel Brigade, was killed in the southern Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, according to The Times of Israel, the IDF on Saturday carried out an airstrike on a Hezbollah building in the village of Taybeh in southern Lebanon.

Throughout the day the army fired artillery shells in different parts of Lebanon.

Targeting Hezbollah targets.

According to The Times of Israel report, these attacks were carried out in retaliation after Hezbollah fired rockets from Lebanon on Saturday morning towards Mount Dov and the settlements of Even Menahem and Yiron in Israel.

However, the Israeli side was not involved in these attacks. There were no casualties. Meanwhile, the IDF said it was targeting Hezbollah launch sites.

Since the October 7 attack by Hamas militants on Israel from Gaza, Hezbollah has been operating independently against Israel on Lebanon’s border with Israel.

Israel is firing rockets and anti-tank missiles at cities and army posts and opening fire on soldiers on an almost daily basis. Hezbollah has been repeatedly warned to stay on the sidelines.

The death toll in Israel is 1,139.

The IDF has responded by repeatedly attacking the terrorist group’s positions in southern Lebanon.

Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7 have killed at least 27,019 people and injured 66,139, according to the Hamas-run Palestinian health ministry in Gaza.

The revised death toll in Israel from Hamas attacks on October 7 is 1,139, Media reports.

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