Israel: Firing Again In East Jerusalem, 2 People Were Seriously Injured In The Attack

Israel: Firing again in East Jerusalem, 2 people were seriously injured in the attack.

Israel’s city of East Jerusalem had just not yet emerged from the deadliest attack on Friday when another casualty occurred in East Jerusalem.

The Gunman in East Jerusalem started firing on Saturday. This incident happened again less than a 1-day difference of time from Friday’s incident.

Israel’s rescue service said a gunman opened fire in east Jerusalem on Saturday. In which at least human beings have been injured.

Israel: Firing again in East Jerusalem, two men aged 23 years and 47 years were injured.

Paramedics in East Jerusalem did not give any details about the incident. However, the reasons for the firing are yet to be ascertained. But the police are engaged in the investigation of the case.

As soon as the information was received, Israel’s rescue forces immediately reached the spot and they admitted the injured to the hospital for treatment.

Paramedics have identified the injured as two men aged 23 and 47, whose condition is said to be medium serious.

The firing also took place at the place of worship in East Jerusalem on Friday.

Less than a day after the deadliest attack in the city since 2008, there has been another shooting incident in East Jerusalem.

On Friday, a Palestinian gunman opened fire inside an East Jerusalem place of worship. At least seven people were killed in this firing.

The attacks are one of the bloodiest months in Israel and the occupied West Bank. In which a maximum number of attacks have taken place and many people have lost their lives.

7 people lost their lives, and 10 were injured.

The shooting took place on Friday at a place of worship on the outskirts of East Jerusalem. Seven people were killed in this firing, while 10 people were injured.

The incident took place in the Jewish neighborhood of Neve Ya’akov. However, soon after the attack, the police force reached the spot and shot the attacker immediately.

But the police did not give any information about this. According to Israeli media, the gunman in Friday’s attack was a Palestinian from East Jerusalem.

Israel’s foreign ministry put the death toll at seven, while the ambulance service put the death toll at five.

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