Government Will Not Accept The Demand For NSCN Flags

Government will not accept the demand for separate NSCN flags and the constitution for Nagaland. The NSCN (Muivah) may be adamant about demanding separate flags and separate constitution for Nagaland, but the Modi government is not ready to accept it. For the last few days, the leaders of NSCN (Muivah) have been trying to persuade the officials of the Intelligence Bureau in Delhi to demand a separate constitution and separate flag, but they have been categorically refused.

According to highly placed sources who are conversant with various Naga separatist organizations, including NSCN (Muivah), Naga leaders are trying to convince senior officials of the IB that they have had a flag since the start of the Naga movement. , Which has become a symbol of the Naga movement. Leaving it, the identity of the Naga movement of the last seven decades will end. The same situation is with the Constitution associated with the Naga movement.

Will not be part of the agreement

At the same time, it has been told to the Naga leaders from the Central Government that last year, Parliament has overturned the separate flag and separate constitutional provision in Jammu and Kashmir by an overwhelming majority. In such a situation, a similar provision for a new state cannot be accepted. Naga leaders have been told that they can use this flag privately for their party, but it will not be part of the compromise.

The broad framework of the agreement was agreed between the Center and NSCN in 2015.

It is worth noting that in 2015 a comprehensive framework of agreement was agreed between the Central Government and the NSCN. After this, hopes of a permanent settlement of the Naga dispute were raised. In the last five years, there has been a lot of progress in this and almost all the points of dispute have been agreed, but the matter has got confused about different flags and separate constitution.

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