Gold Bond: Government Is Selling Gold At A Cheaper Price

Gold Bond: The government is selling gold at a cheaper price, till this date there is a chance to buy, know what are the benefits. There is a good chance for those willing to invest in gold. The government is giving people a chance to buy gold cheaply. Investors can invest in gold under the Sovereign Gold Bonds Scheme.

Under this scheme, there is an opportunity to invest in gold from 31 August. This opportunity has come at a time when the price of gold has fallen by nearly five thousand rupees from record highs. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is launching the sixth phase of the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme on August 31, in which investments can be made by September 4. For this, RBI has fixed a price of Rs 5,117 per gram.

A discount of Rs 50 per gram will also be given on application and payment through digital medium. For such investors, the effective price under the bond will be Rs 5,067 per gram. The new series gold bonds will be issued on September 8. The smallest bond under this scheme will be equal to one gram of gold. An investor can buy gold bonds equal to a maximum of 500 grams in a financial year. In total, the limit for buying bonds individually is four kilograms. In the case of trust or organization, this limit has been fixed at 20 kg.

Know what is sovereign gold bond

The government started the scheme in November 2015 to reduce the demand for physical gold. Here investors get an opportunity to invest money in gold, but for this, investors do not need to keep gold in physical form. In this scheme, investors get the opportunity to invest in gold per unit, the value of which is tied to the market price of gold. It can be redeemed in cash when the bond matures. Also, a special advantage is that gold bonds also get interest at an annual rate of two and a half percent.

Can invest

In Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, Indian citizens, Hindu undivided families, trusts, universities and charitable institutions can buy gold bonds. Here let me tell you that Sovereign Gold Bond is issued for eight years. At the same time, after the fifth year the investor gets the option to exit this bond scheme. This gold bond is sold by commercial banks, stock holding corporations, post offices and stock exchanges BSE and NSE.

These are also advantages

If you want to invest in gold, then gold bond is the best option. Under this scheme, investors buy 999 quality gold bonds. In this way, high quality gold is purchased by the customer. Also, to keep the physical gold, the customer has to spend on the locker etc., but the gold bond is highly secured without any expense. At the same time, when customers go to sell gold bonds, no making charge etc. is deducted.

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