‘Ghar Ghar BJP’ Campaign Started Before Assembly Elections 2022

‘Ghar Ghar BJP’ campaign started before the upcoming assembly elections in 2022.

Bharatiya Janata Party MP Dushyant Gautam on Wednesday launched a door-to-door BJP campaign ahead of the assembly elections in five states.

Talking to the news agency, Gautam said, ‘Our party workers will go to homes from every booth and help the family members to get corona vaccination.

If their second dose is due, the party workers will book the slot for the second dose.

The BJP MP said that during this period BJP flags, stickers, and pamphlets containing the list of the work done by the party will also be distributed.

‘Ghar Ghar BJP’ campaign started: Congress also engaged in assembly elections.

On the other hand, in Uttarakhand too, there is restlessness in the Congress with the announcements of the Chief Minister, the new goals, and attitudes of the government.

In response to this, Congress is now going among the common people and barricading against the government and the BJP.

State in-charge Devendra Yadav, state president Ganesh Godiyal are going to start the second phase of the village-village Congress campaign from Thursday.

From the state foundation day and some time before that, the Chief Minister is throwing strength to implement them with new announcements.

There is a stir in Congress regarding this activism of the government. The major opposition party, which is preparing for the 2022 elections, does not want to give any chance to the government to dominate.

This is the reason that as soon as new steps are announced by the government, veteran Congress leaders are not delayed in going among the public.

Earlier, on November 9, many important announcements were made by the government here.

The Congress is calling them an exercise of the government to woo the people keeping in mind the elections, but there is no delay in implementing its counter-strategy.

Congress will visit villages from this week.

PM Modi pays tribute to Maulana Azad and Acharya Kripalani on their birth anniversary.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday paid tributes to freedom fighters Acharya Kriplani and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on their birth anniversary.

In a tweet, Modi also paid tribute to Onake Obavva, who was killed while fighting Haider Ali’s soldiers while rescuing a fort.

He said that no one can ever forget the courage with which She worked hard to protect her people and culture. He said that she inspires people as a symbol of India’s women’s power.

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