Ganesh Puja And Tajiya Takes Place In The Same Pandal

Ganesh Puja takes place in the pandal, where Tajiya originates: Karnataka. The Bidnal village of Hubli in Dharwad district of Karnataka has been an example of communal harmony for years. Maulana and Mohan have been celebrating with Ganesh Chaturthi and Moharram ever since. Every 30-35 years, these two festivals come together and both are celebrated under the same roof in this village.

These days Ganeshotsav is being celebrated with great pomp and in the meantime, Muharram has also started. In such a situation, the best example of harmony has been seen in the Bidnal area of ​​Dharwad district of Hubli. Here Hindus and Muslims are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi and Muharram in the same pandal together.

Whenever the dates of these two festivals collide here, similarly Ganesh Chaturthi and Muharram are organized under the same pandal. These people say that this has happened before, we are following the same tradition. Speaking to the leading news agency, a revered Mohan said that similar Ganesh Chaturthi and Muharram of the same pandal have been organized here earlier. We are carrying forward the same tradition.

At the same time, Maulana Zakir Kazi said that the dates of Ganesh Chaturthi and Muharram collide every 30-35 years. There is no Hindu or Muslim alone in this village, both come together. We are all children of God. Ganesh Chaturthi has started in the country from August 22 and in view of the Corona period, different guidelines have been issued in each state regarding the festival. At the same time, the Supreme Court has refused to allow Muharram’s removal of Tajia.

The court said that this demand cannot be entertained as it may endanger people’s health and their lives. During the hearing, the court said that if permission is given to take out the procession of Tajia on the occasion of Muharram and the infection is spread, then a particular community will be held responsible for it.

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