Farmers blocked the National Highway, Bus Service Stopped

Farmers blocked the National Highway, bus service stopped in Jalandhar, difficult to go to Amritsar and Chandigarh: Farmers Protest.

Demanding to increase the rate of sugarcane, the farmers have completely stopped the bus service going from the metropolis to other cities by staging a sit-in near Dhannowali, the entrance gate of Jalandhar.

Farmers have blocked Amritsar-Delhi National High. Here, the police have barricaded the BSF Chowk. Because of this, no bus is able to move forward.

Buses have gathered inside the bus stand. There is panic among the passengers. Farmers are also preparing to stop trains.

Bus services going from Jalandhar to Ludhiana, Ambala, Delhi, and Jalandhar to Pathankot, Jalandhar to Amritsar Batala, Tarn Taran, Nawanshahr, Chandigarh are completely stopped.

Buses are currently operating for Nakodar, Moga, Kapurthala, etc. only via Jalandhar city. Many passengers are left stranded due to the suspension of buses.

Farmers blocked the National Highway: A large number of passengers can be seen in disbelief above the bus stand. However, the road to enter the city has not been blocked yet.

Due to which some buses are being successful in entering the city from Hoshiarpur and Ludhiana side via Ladowli Road.

But as soon as the dharna starts at 11:00, it will become almost impossible for buses to enter the city.

However, efforts are being made to start bus service on the alternate route of Guru Nanakpura. So that buses can be sent to Amritsar or Pathankot via Chowgitti flyover.

But due to heavy movement of vehicles already on this road, there is bound to be a traffic jam.

The main reason for the trouble of the passengers is that most of the passengers were not aware of the farmers’ strike on Thursday.

Due to which the passengers did not make any changes in the tour planning, as a result, the passengers were stuck.

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