Exporters Busy In Arranging Cheap Housing For Laborers

Exporters busy in arranging cheap housing for laborers, actor Sonu Sood is seeking help to return workers. A campaign to provide affordable housing facilities to workers working in industrial units is going to start. The Noida Apparel Export Cluster has rented 3000 flats from the Noida Authority to accommodate workers.

Five workers will be provided with accommodation in a flat. With the return of workers, the number of flats of this type will increase. Last May, the government announced to provide affordable housing facilities to workers. The scheme was approved by the Cabinet in the month of July. Under this, there is a provision to give vacant flat workers created by the government in the past to live on low rent. The same thinking has gone to exporters.

Lalit Thukral, President of the Noida Apparel Export Cluster and Northern Chairman of the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC), said that these 3000 flats are located in Noida Sector-122, which was built many years ago to rehabilitate slum dwellers. had gone. One tower has 32 flats and different exporters have leased separate towers. He informed that the exporters have been given a flat on rent of Rs 6000 from the authority. Currently, only the exporters will pay this rent.

Exporters told that the peak season for garment exports starts in October-November. Then 10 lakh workers are needed only in Noida area to complete the job of garment export. At present, garment export work is going on with only 25 percent workers. Exporters told that talks are going on with the Uttar Pradesh government to arrange the stay of all the returning workers.

Workers are getting back with the help of Sonu Sood

Noida’s garment exporters said that they are enlisting the help of actor Sonu Sood to bring back workers back to their homes due to corona infection. Noida Apparel Export Cluster is contacting the 2 lakh workers who have gone back through WhatsApp and other means, but the cluster contacted Sonu Sood if the workers did not get the desired success. Thukral said that there are 28 lakh workers on Sood’s job portal and out of them 3 lakh are skilled artisans working in garment units. At Sude’s behest, a large number of garment artisans are getting ready to return.

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