ED Officer Ankit Tiwari Bribery Scandal: Tamil Nadu Vigilance Raids Uncover Corruption

ED Officer Ankit Tiwari Bribery Scandal: Tamil Nadu Vigilance Raids Uncover Corruption.

ED Officer Ankit Tiwari: The Tamil Nadu Directorate of Cautiousness and Against Debasement (DVAC) launched a late-night raid on the ED office in Madurai, exposing ED official Ankit Tiwari’s bribery scandal.

Ankit Tiwari caught accepting Rs 20 lakh hush money; investigation reveals a network of corruption within the Enforcement Directorate

ED officer Ankit Tiwari bribery scandal, Tamil Nadu Vigilance, and Anti Corruption Wing raided the ED office.

Tamil Nadu Directorate of Cautiousness and Against Debasement (DVAC) authorities proceeded with their ventures for the time being Friday at the ED sub-zonal office in Madurai regarding the case including ED official Ankit Tiwari.

ED official Ankit Tiwari was discovered in the act while taking hush money of Rs 20 lakh from a specialist in the Dindigul region on Friday.

A couple of hours prior, CRPF staff had likewise arrived at the ED sub-zonal office in Madurai, where DVAC authorities were directing quests regarding the case including the ED official.

As per DAVC authorities, Ankit Tiwari alongside his group of ED officials was undermining a few groups and accepting kickbacks for the sake of shutting the case in the Requirement Directorate.


DVAC authorities got him with Rs 20 lakh in real money in Dindigul. DVAC additionally directed a look at the ED office in Madurai.

DAVC said the examination is being finished to explain whether he coerced or compromised some other official by taking on this technique and gathering cash for the sake of ED.

As per an authority discharge given by DVAC Chennai, Ankit Tiwari is functioning as an authorization official in the Madurai Requirement Division office of the Focal Government.

On the morning of November 1, 2023, V&AC authorities got Ankit Tiwari after tolerating Rs 20 lakh as a payoff from the complainant.

After this, he was captured at 10.30 am under the Avoidance of Defilement Act.

In-depth Investigation.

It is pertinent to mention that the authorities have seized several incriminating documents in connection with his misconduct, the release said.

It said an investigation is being conducted to clarify whether he blackmailed or threatened any other officer by adopting this modus operandi and collecting money in the name of the Enforcement Directorate.

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