Dilip Ghosh Said BJP Will Work As A Good Opposition

Dilip Ghosh said BJP will work as a good opposition: West Bengal Election Results 2021.

State BJP President Dilip Ghosh said after the severe defeat in Bengal – we won 80 seats from three, this is also not a big deal.

In the Bengal elections, the BJP, which came out with full power, had to face a bitter defeat in front of Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC).

After the badly defeated BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said that they will discuss the reasons for the defeat and then move ahead.

Dilip Ghosh said that where BJP is standing today, in the last election 2016, three seats were won and today it is around 80, this is also not a big deal. Hardly any of this has ever happened before in history.

Ghosh said that in the Bengal elections, we had set a very big target, made a big jump but could not succeed.

He said that as much as it happened, it is not less, and therefore, as the chairman, I thank all of our workers, our leadership. With this, the public has made so much progress, thank you for this.

Reacting to the incident of BJP office burning in the state after the election results, Dilip Ghosh said that incidents of violence after the election are natural, happening after the election.

But if TMC commits violence in the government, then who will stop them.

He said that there is also an Election Commission, there is a central force as well, they should also see that there is no violence. This is why there was no violence, so people had voted.

Will work as a good opposition.

Ghosh further said that the United Front had no agenda, was an opportunistic one. We have a chance as a strong opposition.

I will serve as the responsibility of the state president of the organization. We will serve as good opposition. Janata Janardan Zindabad, I think there was a shortage.

He further said- We had said that on two dates she (Mamata Banerjee) will leave the wheelchair, she proved my point right.

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