Digital Payments Made Easy: PM Modi Said- UPI Can Prove To Be Ideal For Many Other Countries Also

Digital payments made easy’, PM Modi said- UPI can prove to be ideal for many other countries also.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered to share India’s digital payment system UPI with the world through the G20 group.

Addressing Finance Ministers of the G20 Group and central bank governors on Friday, Modi said that UPI can prove to be ideal for many other countries.

To the G20 group countries, Modi said that despite all the challenges globally, he can take inspiration from the activeness of the Indian economy.

‘Digital payments made easy transactions.

He said that both Indian consumers and producers are optimistic and they have confidence in their future.

He told the G20 countries that we hope that they will communicate positivity in the global economy like India. Modi said that the domination of technology in the financial sector is increasing.

In the Corona period, it became easier to do transactions with the help of digital payments. India’s own experience in this direction can become a model for the world.

He said that in the last few years, we have developed quite reliable and very capable public digital infrastructure, which does not have to pay any fees.

This has made it easier to live life with financial inclusion and we will be happy to share this experience with the world through the G20.

The Prime Minister told the G20 Group that he is responsible for bringing stability, trust, and development back to the global economy struggling with challenges.

Even now many developing countries of the world have not been able to get out of the calamity of Corona epidemics.

The global supply chain is affected due to geopolitical stress and many countries are troubled by rising inflation.

At the same time, ensuring food and energy security in the whole world has become a matter of concern.

World’s population crosses 8 billion.

The Prime Minister said that progress towards sustainable development goals seems to be slow, while the world’s population has crossed the eight billion figures.

He stressed the need to strengthen global development banks to face global challenges such as climate change and high debt levels.

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