Deepa Malik: Medals Will Be In Double Digits In Tokyo Paralympics

Deepa Malik claims, India’s number of medals will be in double digits in Tokyo Paralympics. Indian Para Athlete Deepa Malik has claimed that this time Indian players will win dozens of medals in Tokyo Paralympics.

Deepa Malik, India’s first female player to win a medal at the Paralympic Games, believes that the country’s number of medals will be double-digit in the next year’s Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Javelin thrower Deepa Malik said she had doubled her medals in the Rio Paralympics. Explain that due to the Corona virus, the Tokyo Olympic Games have been postponed for a year. In such a situation, everyone will have more time to prepare.

Deepa Malik has said that there were 19 players in our team at the Rio Olympics. During that time we had won two gold, one silver and one bronze, but the number of these medals would be increased in the Tokyo Paralympics.

In 2018 (at the Asian Para Games) our team had 194 members and we won 72 medals. It has already set the criteria. The best thing about the Tokyo Games next year will be that India will win double-digit medals at the Paralympics.

Dipa Malik, who was awarded the Khel Ratna, told table tennis player Mudit Dani during the ‘In the Sportlight’ chat show that only 19 players had participated in the Rio Paralympics and won 4 medals.

In the Asian Games that followed, we set different standards and won dozens of medals, so it can be clearly said that we will get more medals in Tokyo Paralympics.

The 49-year-old Deepa Malik, who won a silver medal at the Rio de Janeiro 2016, said the most amazing thing about the Tokyo Olympic Games next year would be that India would win double-digit medals at the Paralympics.

Deepa Malik, who also won a silver medal in the IPC World Championship, never let her disability come in the way of her passion.

Deepa took inspiration from the wounded soldiers of the Kargil war in 1999 when he was asked to undergo surgery to remove the tumor from his spinal cord.

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