Congress Sent Letter To The Facebook CEO

Congress sent a letter to the CEO of Facebook, BJP again hit back at Rahul Gandhi. In the backdrop of the Facebook controversy, Congress on Tuesday sent a letter via email to the company’s head Mark Zuckerberg, requesting that a high-level inquiry into the entire matter be conducted. On the other hand, the Bharatiya Janata Party targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in this matter and said that the organizations which do not work as per their wish are being told the pressure of BJP-Sangh.

An email sent by Congress organization general secretary KC Venugopal to Zuckerberg has also sought to hand over the responsibility of running the Indian branch to the new team till the investigation is completed so that the investigation process is not affected. The letter also sought to make the report public after completing the investigation in a couple of months.

Sharing this letter on his Twitter handle, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that all countrymen should question Facebook.In fact, the whole controversy started after a report published in the American newspaper Wall Street Journal on Friday. Facebook said on Monday that it curbs hate content, but more needs to be done in this direction.

BJP again hit back at Rahul

On the other hand, in this dispute, BJP has again hit back at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Senior party leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said that if Facebook is a public platform then anyone can talk in support of their ideology. However, Facebook has also removed hundreds of pages of BJP supporters. But we regret that the people whose political existence has been reduced, they want to run their arbitration on the platform of expression.

Prasad said that during the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections, Rahul had asked for PM Narendra Modi that if he did not handle the issue of unemployment properly then the youth of the country would beat him with sticks. His statement is a unique example of spreading violence. At the same time, he asked at a rally, referring to the remarks made by Congress President Sonia Gandhi, that it was not a hate comment. Regarding the report published in the Wall Street Journal, Prasad said that Facebook has to decide what to do.

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