China Started Besieging Taiwan From All Sides

China started besieging Taiwan from all sides, then live fire drills crumbled Air Service, Nancy’s visit provoked Dragon.

Infuriated by the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, China has started live-fire drills around Taiwan since Thursday.

China’s mouthpiece Global Times has given this information. The newspaper said that in view of the drill, Taiwan has sent hundreds of people to other places.

Due to this, the airline has also been affected. The newspaper quoted China Central TV as saying that early warning aircraft and DF-17 hypersonic missiles are also participating in this drill.

An announcement was made two days ago: Significantly, as soon as Nancy left Taiwan, China announced to conduct a live-fire drill.

Under this, shells and missiles are being fired continuously from these ships. This live fire drill will last from 4-7 August.

Let us inform you that just 15 minutes after Nancy’s departure, China’s mouthpiece Global Times had told us that it would conduct live-fire drills around Taiwan from 4-7 August.

In this, it was described as a very special drill.

China started besieging Taiwan: Flights canceled due to live fire drill. Taiwan had to cancel about 51 international flights from its Taoyuan International Airport on Wednesday itself.

Apart from this, about 26 flights coming to Taiwan on Thursday have also had to be canceled. Apart from this, about 25 flights going from Taiwan have also been canceled for Thursday.

However, it was said from the airport that the flights have not been canceled due to China’s live-fire drill.

Japan opposes live fire drill: It has been said in South Korean media that due to this live-fire drill in China, flights to South Asia have been affected.

The same is the case with Japan. Japan has strongly opposed this action of China.

Here are the words of Nancy: Nancy Pelosi says that China wants to use psychological warfare against Taiwan to bring it under pressure.

Nancy has also said that China cannot stop any foreign leader from coming to Taiwan. Let us inform you that at the end of this year, members of the House of Commons of Britain will also visit Taiwan.

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