China Reverts General Of Western Theater Command

China reverts general of Western Theater Command, amidst Ladakh standoff, Xi Jinping decides.

In the midst of a military standoff in eastern Ladakh.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed the new general as commander of the Western Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which oversees the India-China border.

China reverts general of Western Theater Command, According to Chinese government media, the president has appointed General Zhang Judong as commander of the Western Theater Command.

He will replace 65-year-old General Zhao Zhangqi.

General Zhangqi was also the head of the Western Theater Command in 2017 when there was a dispute in Doklam.

Actually, President Xi Jinping has promoted four senior officials, including General Zhang.

Other officers promoted include Guo Paxiao, political general secretary of the Logistics Assistance Department of CMC, Li Wei, political general secretary of the PLA Strategic Assistance Force, and Commander Wang Channing.

There is not much information about General Zhang, who was made the commander of the Western Theater Command, especially his involvement with the command.

It is said that most of the time he has been serving in other theater commands of PLA.

Biden will pursue Trump’s policies regarding China, signs of increasing strength in South China Sea.

The current President of America, Donald Trump, will pursue the policies of the current President Donald Trump against China’s expansionist policy.

Their policies regarding China and Taiwan are not going to make any difference. According to the Asia Times, the Biden administration team is handling the work.

Jake Sullivan, the new national security adviser created in the incoming Biden government, has directed the Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOP) against China in the South China Sea.

With this decision, it is believed that the Biden government will take forward the decision of the Trump government in the case of China.

Sullivan said that we need to increase our strength and resources further in the South China Sea with the help of our allies.

The newspaper wrote that China’s military activities have intensified in the region.

China has increased maneuvers, training, and other operations here more than last year. China is constantly taking provocative actions in disputed areas here.

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