Ceasefire On Border: Happiness Has Returned To Border Villages

Ceasefire on Border: Marriage celebration now lasts till late night in border villages.

Happiness has returned to the villages adjacent to the border after the Indo-Pak ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control (LoC) was agreed.

Harvesting of crops in the early hours or festivals or wedding celebrations now lasts till late in the night. Due to the fear of Pak shelling, the people who danced in the first evening did not dare to light bulbs in homes.

Significantly, since the conclusion of the ceasefire from the night of 24-25 February, the people of the villages along the Line of Control have been breathing a sigh of relief.

Although a ceasefire agreement was reached between the two countries in November 2003, Pakistan repeatedly violated the ceasefire.

These days in the villages adjacent to the LoC in Poonch and Rajouri districts of the Jammu division, programs are being held till late at night in wedding houses adorned with colored bulbs.

There are fireworks and dance to the beat of the dholak. The feast phase is also going on for a long time. Parvez Ahmed of Gagarin village says that till today I have not seen my marriage.

Earlier, there were weddings in the shadow of terror. He laughingly says that two of his relatives had brought a white flag in his hand in Barat. His village is adjacent to the zero lines.

Local citizen Mohammad Akbar Mir said that earlier we had to stay in the houses due to heavy firing from across the border. This time weddings are happening with pomp.

Business activities have also started. Farmers continue to work in the fields till early in the morning and late in the evening. Newly weds Taranum said that their life was changed due to the firing from across the border.

Now we are happy. Children are also seen playing in the villages till late evening. Aman has reduced parents’ concern about the safety of children.

Mohammad Farooq, studying in class 12 at a school in Mendhar, said that normal work could start in schools located in the areas adjacent to the border. Earlier Pak used to target schools.

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