BS Yediyurappa Tested Negative In His Recent COVID-19 Test

BS Yediyurappa tested negative in his recent COVID-19 test and will be discharged tomorrow from the hospital. Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa is being treated at Manipal Hospital for Coronavirus and now he is being completely cured. The CM report in today’s Corona Examination has been negative and will be discharged tomorrow.

Tested Positive for Corona chief minister BS Yeddyurappa was hospitalized. He has been hospitalized for 9 days, and today’s medical examination has revealed that he is Corona negative. Thus, tomorrow CM Yeddyurappa will be discharged from the hospital.

Yediyurappa is receiving treatment at Manipal Hospital for coronary infection. Yeddyurappa is completely cured. Doctors said Yeddyurappa was completely cured as his report came out negative in today’s coronal examination. Doctors told CM Yeddyurappa and his daughter are perfectly alright with their health and everything is clear.

Former CM Siddaramaiah is also receiving treatment at Manipal Hospital due to corona. He is still receiving treatment at the hospital because he has a bladder problem. Yesterday, Yeddyurappa’s Cabinet Minister of Health B. Sriramulu has also been confirmed by Corona Positive.

B. Sriramulu was found infected by Coronavirus when a medical examination was done in the wake of fever. Thus, he is being treated at the Shivajinagar Government Hospital. Minister Sriramulu has become a model by treating himself in the government hospital instead of a private one.

Since the time of Corona’s appearances, I have had time to audit, traveling to 30 districts, and working with the government’s desire to treat people well. It is in this backdrop that I am going to be hospitalized and treated. I pray to the Lord to heal me sooner and give me more strength to do more hard work. Recently, everyone in my contact, I urge you to take precautionary measures, ”Minister Sriramulu said in a tweet.

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