Apple Introduces WatchOS 9 Update: Apple WWDC 2022

Apple introduces WatchOS 9 update, know features and specifications: Apple WWDC 2022. Apple hosted the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2022) today.

Apple also announced watchOS 9 along with iOS 16 at the event, which is the successor to watchOS 8 which was launched last year.

Apple is bringing several new features to the Apple Watch series with the watchOS 9 update. Let us know about it.

Apple introduces WatchOS 9 update: It will get new watch faces.

WatchOS 9 is introducing new watch faces for Apple Watch. It gets four new faces, which include Lunar, Playtime, Metropolitan, and Astronomy.

Apart from this, the Workout app has also received an update. It offers custom workouts that can be used to create the perfect workout.

Speaking of fitness, the app is bringing three new metrics to running mode. Apple has also worked on improving the tracking of Sleep Insights for users.

The sleep tracking feature of watchOS 9 gives more insights into the sleep stage.

It uses signals from the accelerometer and heart rate sensors in the Apple Watch to detect whether users are in REM, core, or deep sleep.

Users will see sleep stage data on their Apple Watch in the Sleep app.

More detailed information, such as bedtime, heart rate, breath rate, sleep comparisons, etc., can be viewed in the Health app on the iPhone.

A-fib history.

The feature will let Apple Watch users track how much time they spent with A-fib or atrial fibrillation, which users can use to diagnose potentially dangerous heart conditions.

Medicine app,

With Watch OS 9, Apple introduced a new Medications app that aims to help users keep track of all their medicines, vitamins, and supplements.

The app will also inform the users to take the medicine as per their prescribed schedule. You can add a drug to the list of Medicines apps in WatchOS 9 to scan with your iPhone’s cameras.

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