Ammonium Nitrate In Chennai: Tamil Nadu PCB Report

Ammonium Nitrate in Chennai – Pollution Control Board Report Against Customs Explanation. The Pollution Control Board said staff should be assigned to guard the location of containers containing ammonium nitrate until they are relocated.

Based on the information provided by the Government of Tamil Nadu to the Pollution Control Board regarding the presence of ammonia nitrate in the sand of Chennai, a team of 3 officers led by the Board’s Co-Chief Environmental Engineer Malayandi and the Director of Fire, Deputy Director and Law and Order Inspector personally inspected and submitted a report to the Government.

According to the report, the place where the ammonium nitrate is currently stored is the warehouse where the containers of many exporters are kept. It is reported that 7000 people live in Manali Town, which is 700 m away from this warehouse, and Sadayankuppam village is 1500 m away. But this is in stark contrast to the explanation given by the Customs.

A statement issued by the Customs Department yesterday said there were no residences within 2 km of the ammonium nitrate depot. This raises the question of why the Customs Department gave such false information.

The warehouse also covers an area of ​​18 acres, according to the board. The warehouse, which has been in operation since 2001, is owned by Narasimhan. This ammonium nitrate is currently under the control of the Customs Department and has been kept in this warehouse since September 27, 2015.

The warehouse is packed in bags of 25 kg polypropylene in the form of 740 tons of ammonium nitrate crystal at a rate of 20 tons per container out of a total of 37 containers. The Pollution Control Board said in its report that the auction notice for the supply of Chemical substance to those in need has already been issued and all the steps for the transfer will be completed in 3 more days.

In addition, all the stored ammonium nitrate should be transferred to the customs immediately. The Director of Occupational Safety and Health must directly inspect the container location and take action under the Manufacturer Storage and Hazardous Chemical Import Rules 1989.

The owner of the place where the containers are kept has ordered the location of the containers containing 740 tons of ammonium nitrate to be staffed for security until they are relocated.

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