America Will Give $ 2.5 Billion In Military Aid To Ukraine, Including Infantry Combat Vehicles

America will give $ 2.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine, including infantry combat vehicles.

Military Package Package for Ukraine: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the last 11 months. President Vladimir Putin has spoken of further intensifying the war.

Meanwhile, the US has again announced a $2.5 billion military aid package to Ukraine to respond to Russian aggression.

Including this new package, America has given Ukraine a complete of $27.five billion in navy useful resources because the struggle started in February.

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken announced on Thursday that the new aid package would provide Ukraine with hundreds of additional armored vehicles.

These will include the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the Stryker Armored Personnel Carrier, the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle, and the High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle.

America will give $ 2.5 billion in military aid to Ukraine: Various types of weapons are included in the package.

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken said that this new package also included additional air defense assistance for Ukraine.

In which there are more Avenger air defense systems, and surface-to-air missiles.

Blinken also said in his statement that this includes night vision devices, small arms, and ammunition, along with other items to support Ukraine.

America will unite the world for Ukraine.

The Secretary of State said that the US will continue to unite the world in support of Ukraine. These days he has seen incredible solidarity from his allies and partners.

Blinken stated he appreciates the greater than 50 international locations which have come collectively to help Ukraine.

In a separate statement, the Pentagon said the recent Russian airstrikes in Ukraine have again demonstrated its brutality.

This package will give great help to Ukraine in the fight against Russia.

He said that this new aid package includes 59 Bradley combat vehicles and 90 Stryker armored personnel carriers, which will strengthen Ukraine’s military capabilities.

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