America Also Acknowledged The Vocal Foreign Policy Of India

America also acknowledged the vocal foreign policy of India, the country showed its strength on every front under the leadership of Modi.

India has swept the world with its foreign policy in 2020. Decisions were taken this year, under the leadership of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with an outspoken and firmness.

Then, whether it is the case of China or of providing security in the Indian Ocean region. Pakistan has to give a befitting reply or defense production.

American Intelligence Agency praised India’s foreign policy in Parliament.

Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency of the United States, praised India’s foreign policy during a hearing in Parliament about the world’s challenges.

The Defense Intelligence Agency said that New Delhi has also been strict in the case of China. He maintained full force with China over the border dispute.

Modi government showed full vision on every front in the matter of foreign policy in 2020.

Due to the strictness of India, there was tension in its relation with China, but India firmly imposed trade restrictions on China and banned the mobile app.

In the whole year of 2020, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has shown complete vision on every front in the matter of foreign policy.

Berrier said – India refused to hold diplomatic talks with Pakistan in the face of terrorism.

According to Berrier, India remained outspoken on the Pakistan border and refused to engage in diplomatic talks in the face of terrorism.

He made his strong intentions clear in Kashmir. To give strength to its policies, India also paid full attention to the development of the army.

America also acknowledged the vocal foreign policy of India: India is developing a fast army.

New Delhi is rapidly developing land, air, and navy. It has also made significant strides in the field of defense production.

India has taken several steps to increase the defense industry in the country. India is also continuously increasing the capability of hyper, ballistic, cruise, and air defense missiles.

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