Indians Rally In The US For Justice For Jhanvi: Demanding Action Against Insensitive Policeman

Indians Rally in the US for Justice for Jhanvi: Demanding Action Against Insensitive Policeman.

Join the Indian community’s rally in the US, demanding justice for Jhanvi Kandula and accountability for the policeman who made insensitive remarks on her tragic death. Stand up for justice today.

In America, the issue of insensitive remarks made by a policeman on the death of Indian-origin girl Jhanvi Kandula is gaining momentum.

Indians Rally in the US: More than 200 people from the Indian community took out a rally demanding justice for Jhanvi.

Along with this, Bharatvanshi MP Raja Krishnamurthy has appealed to the Seattle Police to investigate the matter seriously.

Seattle Council member Kshama Sawant has also talked about fixing the accountability of the police.

It is noteworthy that in January this year, a girl of Indian origin had died in a collision with a police vehicle in Seattle.

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