Trouble In The Congress Party Still Continues

Trouble In The Congress Party Still Continues. The spark of change is not yet extinguished within the Congress, many leaders who wrote letters reiterated their stand. The party has suppressed the flames caused by the change in the Congress, emotionally and with some force, but the spark remains. Only favorable air is required and it can be aggravated to a state of rebellion. In response to the attack on the decision of some leaders to question the delicate situation of Congress by writing a letter.

Senior leaders again clarified on Tuesday that what they have demanded is in the interest of the party, they still stand by that demand. The indication is clear that the leaders of this Congress want to take it to the end. Many leaders like Kapil Sibal, Anand Sharma, Vivek Tankha, Mukul Wasnik have retweeted and showed a glimpse of this attitude.

23 senior Congress leaders wrote a letter and trouble In the Congress Party starts

At the Congress Working Committee meeting on Monday, it was unanimously relinquished to take the responsibility of Sonia Gandhi and it was assured that a lot would change within the next six months. In the nearly seven-hour working committee meeting, the main issue became a letter written by 23 senior leaders and the main issue of change was buried.

The camp, which advocated for Rahul Gandhi to be given responsibility for the post of president again, was a full-time attacker. However, among the leaders who write the letter, it is also determined that this fight will have to be completed. In fact, the other camp also continued to provoke them. After the meeting, writing letters by various leaders have been criticized and trouble In Congress continues.

Kapil Sibal said, post not important, country is important

On Tuesday, Kapil Sibal first expressed his attitude. Without any background, he wrote on Twitter, “There is no craving for a post, my country is most important to me.” Keep in mind that on Monday too, he reacted sharply, taking the name of Rahul Gandhi after it was speculated that Rahul had accused these leaders of connivance with BJP. However, this tweet was later deleted by Sibal.

Leaders like Anand Sharma, Vivek Tankha also sent a message to Congress leaders through tweet that they are not rebels. These leaders said that the letter should not be seen as a rebellion but in the interest of the party. Party General Secretary Mukul Wasnik also responded by saying, “Everyone will believe that the letter was written with the right intentions and the issues raised are correct.” Keep in mind that all these leaders had signed the letter written to Sonia Gandhi.

The content of the letter was not discussed in the long meeting of the CWC

According to sources, on one hand, the youth brigade and the other leaders are satisfied that the rising voice has been suppressed. At the same time, senior leaders who write letters are angry that the contents of the letter were not discussed in the long meeting. Like before, there was an attempt to stop the wind of change.

It is said that these leaders are waiting for the meeting of the All India Congress Committee, ie AICC. If meaningful change does not happen even at that time and the process of thinking and brainstorming to decide the policy and direction within the party does not start then the voice will rise again. It can also be a state of rebellion. Vivek Tankha said in one of his tweets- ‘History remembers only the brave and not the cowards’.

I was not called to the meeting even though I am a permanent member: Chacko

Kochi: Amid the ongoing crisis over Congress leadership, senior party leader PC Chacko has questioned the entire controversy. Chacko said that the party leaders write the letter and it is released in the media a day before the working committee meeting, which is not correct.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, he said that he is a permanent member of the working committee, yet he was not called to the meeting. If he had gone to the meeting, he would have definitely tried to find some solution. He also said that the Congress is working only through improvisation.

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