Special Security Will Be Around Ambala Airbase

Special security will be around Ambala airbase for Rafael and Jaguar, Vij took a meeting of officers. Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij said that Rafale and Jaguar fighter aircraft are the pride of the country. Security measures will be taken around the Ambala airbase to ensure their safe flight. Kites and pigeons will be banned around Ambala airbase.

Meat sales will also be stopped and banning of birds will also be banned. Along with this, solid waste management will also be done. Explain that the birds around Ambala airbase remain a threat to the flight of Rafale and Jaguars, including other fighters. A large number of birds keep flying in the area around the airbase and due to this many times, the plane has been a victim of the accident.

In view of this, Air Marshal Manvinder Singh had written a letter to the Haryana government recently to keep the fighter jets including Rafale safe from birds. He described pigeon-shooting as well as kite flying in Ambala’s designated area as a threat to fighter jets.

Taking this matter seriously, Home Minister Anil Vij gave necessary instructions after meeting with officials of Ambala district administration. He said that Rafael and Jaguar are the pride of the country. There will be no compromise on the safety of Rafale and other fighter ships.

Anil Vij ordered the meeting of district administration officials

Vij said in the meeting that there would be a ban on the sale of meat in the open, as birds also roam around such areas for this reason. The Ambala administration will have to think seriously about this. Regarding this, Solid Waste Management Plant at village Patvi should also be run on priority.

It is necessary to run solid waste management plant so that birds do not threaten fighter planes.

He said that similarly flying pigeons and kite flying should also be banned. He issued instructions to DC Ashok Sharma to take action for this. Earlier, Vij had also held a meeting with Air Force officials. Explain that five Rafale aircraft from France have been kept at Ambala airbase in the past.

Along with this, other fighter aircraft including Jaguars are also placed at the airbase. Rafael aircraft are very special due to their firepower. From Ambala airbase, Rafael will monitor both Pakistan and China borders. He is able to take action on both the borders with an eyelid.

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