Pakistan Accuses India Of Target Killing: America’s Response Unveiled

Pakistan Accuses India of Target Killing: America’s Response Unveiled.

Pakistan accuses India of target killing on its soil, sparking diplomatic tension. Get insights into America’s reaction and the escalating dialogue between the nations.’

‘We cannot say anything’, Pakistan accuses India of target killing; Now America reacted.

Pakistan has once again made baseless allegations against India. The neighboring country claims that agents of India’s intelligence agency i.e. RAW are targeting terrorists on Pakistani soil.

Pakistan Accuses India Of Target Killing: Pakistan has talked to America on this matter. On Friday (April 5), Pakistan’s Foreign Minister talked to America on this matter.

On Monday (April 8), US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on this matter that both countries need to resolve this issue through dialogue.

Both countries should find a solution together: America.

On Pakistan’s allegations, Matthew Miller said, “We are carefully following media reports on this issue.

We have no comment about this allegation. But without interfering in this matter, we want to reach out to both sides through dialogue.” We recommend that both sides should find solutions.”

Let us tell you that a few days ago, a report published in Britain’s newspaper ‘The Guardian’ came out.

In this news report, Pakistan claimed that many people have been killed in Pakistan. The Indian government is involved in these target killings in Pakistan.

Pakistan has also shared documents related to target killings.


Pakistan Accuses India Of Target Killing: What did the Pakistan Foreign Ministry claim?

Additionally, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry said in a statement that arbitrarily labeling Pakistani citizens as terrorists and claiming their punishment proves that they are guilty.

In such a situation, the international community must hold India responsible for its illegal activities.

It is noteworthy that the Indian Government has termed the report published in The Guardian and Pakistan’s allegations as baseless.

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