Number Of Air Passengers Doubled In 6 Years, And Regional Air Connectivity Increased By Udan Yojana

Number of air passengers doubled in 6 years, and regional air connectivity increased by Udan Yojana.

The aircraft industry is developing rapidly due to the UDAN scheme run by the central government.

Due to this, the number of passengers has increased almost doubled in the last six years. Along with this, a large number of small airports have also been started.

Speaking on the UDAN scheme, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said that the number of air travelers has doubled in the last six years after the scheme was launched by the government.

Under the UDAN scheme, a target has been set to start 100 airports, out of which 74 airports have been built, while the work of 26 airports is pending.

Number of air passengers doubled in 6 years: Emphasis on last-mile connectivity.

Further, the Union Minister said that we have made the Udaan scheme for last-mile connectivity.

That’s why small planes have been included prominently in it. At present we have 140 ASAs, with no plans to increase them as of now.

What is flight planning? (What is Udan Yojana).

Udan Yojana is an ambitious scheme of the Modi government. Its full name is Ude Desh Ka Aamnagrik. It was started in 2016.

It aims to enhance regional air connectivity in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Airline companies are given many benefits by the government for operating flights on the routes created under this scheme.

In running this scheme, the contribution is also made by the Central Government along with the State Governments. So far four phases of this scheme have been launched.

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