Lord Shiva: These 7 Principles Of Karma Were Told By Lord Shiva Himself

Lord Shiva: These 7 principles of Karma were told by Lord Shiva himself, following these will not bring any sorrow in life.

In the scriptures, Lord Shiva is depicted as the destroyer of the universe, but it is also said that Shiva himself can start a new beginning.

By taking care of these 7 principles of Karma told by Mahadev, a person can face every calamity that comes in life.

Why shouldn’t you support lies?

A person supports lies, deceit, and deceit throughout his life thinking that no harm will ever come from it. But Lord Shiva himself has said that in the end, all these deeds have to be compensated.

Only petty battles can be won with lies and deceit. But only truth comes in handy to win the big battles of life. That’s why justice should always be supported.

How to search for Brahma Gyan.

Every person in this world does not have complete knowledge but everyone has some or the other knowledge.

According to Lord Shiva, to discover Brahman we have to search within ourselves. We cannot get this from outside.

What is an illusion?

Bholenath has described in his principle of Karma that if a person’s happiness is linked to a material object, then that happiness is an illusion for that person.

Because that thing is mortal which is sure to end. That’s why one should avoid material attraction.

Where to find real happiness.

A person does everything for the happiness of himself or his family. Real happiness cannot be kept within limits.

According to Mahadev, happiness is that state of mind when a person is internally satisfied and happy. That’s why the search for happiness can also be done within oneself, not outside.

Learn these qualities from water.

Lord Shiva has said in his fifth principle of Karma that one should remain formless like water. If water is poured into any vessel, it takes the shape of that vessel.

If a person adopts this quality of water, then he can mold himself according to any situation. This will not make your happiness fleeting.

How to use the senses.

When a person’s mind is calm, his heart, his emotions are under his control. With this, he can hear and understand the voice of his mind very well.

When a person’s senses remain under his control, then only he will be able to use them according to his own.

What is the last principle?

This last principle of Karma as told by Lord Shiva is the most important.

The real purpose of human life is to merge in the same Supreme Being from which it originated, that is, in God. This is possible only when all the principles are followed in life.

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