Kanpur Top Cop Named In Killed Official’s Letter Suspended

Kanpur top Cop named in killed official’s letter suspended was under scanner. An associate of slipping away Gangster Vikas Dubey on Sunday had conceded that somebody from the police department had called Dubey and alarmed him about the police assault.

After a dooming letter, supposedly composed by killed Deputy Superintendent of Police Devendra Mishra, turned viral on the social media websites, Anant Deo Tiwari, Assistant Inspector General in the special task force was moved and Burrow of PAC Moradabad will assume responsibility.

The letter available for use, dated March 14, 2020, asserted that SHO Vinay Tiwari had joined with criminal Vikas Dubey and it mentioned the then SSP Anant Deo Tiwari to make a move against the SHO. Be that as it may, no activity was started.

In another key improvement approaching closely following the suspension of Chaubeypur SHO Vinay Tiwari over his supposed contribution in warning Dubey in front of the police attack, SSP Kanpur Dinesh Kumar P on Tuesday evening sent the whole police headquarters comprising of 69 cops to the lines.

Another group of cops has joined at the Chaubeypur police headquarters under which eight cops were martyred at Vikru town as of late.

Addressing the media on the issue, SSP Kanpur, Dinesh Kumar P stated, “All the cops posted at Chaubeypur police headquarters have been sent to the lines on doubt of having joins with criminal Vikas Dubey. The police examination is going on in such manner and severe move will be made against the individuals who are seen as blameworthy.”

Prior, SHO Chaubeypur police headquarters, two sub-examiners and a constable were suspended.

An assistant of stealing away criminal Vikas Dubey — the fundamental blamed exposed blooded murder for eight UP cops — on Sunday had conceded that somebody from the police station had called Dubey and cautioned him about the police attack.

Dayashankar Agnihotri, a nearby helper of the famous criminal, was captured by police after an experience in the Kalyanpur zone of Kanpur. Dayashankar was shot in the leg during the encounter on Saturday and has been admitted to the area hospital for treatment. He is one of the 18 associates of Dubey on whom the police had proclaimed an award of Rs 25,000 rupees each.

In a significant disclosure, Dayashankar affirmed that Dubey had gotten a call from police before the strike after which he cautioned his group individuals and got time to set up a trap for the police party which was coming to capture him.

Dayashankar further said that during the strike there was only one weapon in the house that Dubey used to shoot at the cops. Dayashankar included that he was bolted up inside a room during the shootout and didn’t fire. He said that didn’t know about the specific number of individuals who were associated with terminating at the police party.

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